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Rated 5 stars by our customers


A more efficient way to brand fleet vehicles

Our panels can be easily applied to vans. No air bubbles or nonsense. 

Completed within hours

Van fleets can be completed within hours so they can get back on the road

Enabling brands to be seen

Simply apply panels to vehicle, no bubbles, no nonsense

Lower costs – to you and the planet

Easily change styles and branding without paying out of pocket. Our van branding wraps are better for the environment too! 

We purchased 50 new vans to replace our aging fleet. The application of the branding was a great success, all 50 were installed and completed within a working week ready to be issued. Since initially utilizing the services of Brandfixx we have used them again on another 2 large applications and look forward to using them for our recently ordered vehicles.

Gareth Kay

Cost & Estimating Manager, Burflex Scaffolding

Smarter Metering Services is an established and recognised gas and electric supplier. We found Brandfixx to be more cost-effective when compared with traditional wraps, this initial saving was around £1200. Having a Brandfixx kit will also make repairs to our vans much easier, we can simply remove the damaged part of the vehicle and replace it without having to remove the full wrap.

Shantelle Barker

Fleet Coordinator - SMS

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Fast and cost-effective business car graphics kits

Not all commercial vehicle fleets are made up of lorries, vans or trucks. Many vehicle fleets, particularly in cities and urban areas, are made up of more domestic cars than larger vehicles. Branding your car fleet doesn’t need to be a costly or stressful experience. 

Brandfixx provides custom designed business car decals and graphics kits. Ideal for company cars that visit customers or make deliveries and to help improve brand awareness.

Our process

Got a project? Lets talk!

Contact us to discuss your needs and our helpful team will gather all the information they need to give you an accurate quote and timeframe.

Visuals & print samples

Whether you already have a design, just a logo, or nothing at all, our design team will happily assist in making your livery perfect for your needs.

Application & Aftercare

One production is complete we can behind applications. Vehicles can be delivered to us, or our dedicated fitting team can travel to you.

Personalised Car Branding

Business car decals are a great way to get your brand in front of countless eyes and advertise all manner of products, services and contact details. With Brandfixx, the fitting time is dramatically reduced and we can apply business car decals to multiple vehicles in within  hours.

 Our team can quickly install company car wraps designed as fully tailored modular kits. We can do this by creating a 3D scan using blue light laser technology. This means that we are able to supply individual panels that fit your vehicles perfectly. No need for excessive cutting or stretching- our panels provide a fast and seamless application.

Frequently asked questions

Vehicle wrapping is covering a vehicle with a vinyl wrap that has been printed with a specific design, usually branding. At Brandfixx, we use a modular vinyl kit to apply each panel to dedicated areas. A modular application allows for cheaper, faster, easier, and more robust vinyl and reduces issues later down the line.

A car wrap can last between three to five years, but proper care has surpassed seven years. In addition, our wraps use a modular system which means they are less prone to scuffs and breakages. They can be replaced easier without needing to change the whole wrap. These benefits help significantly lengthen the lifespan of your wrap.

It would be best if you always got a professional to install your commercial fleet wrap. When done correctly, the wrapping should not damage the paint underneath even when removed. Therefore, the resale value of the vehicle shouldn’t be affected.

When done correctly, vehicle wrapping should not damage the paintwork underneath. It is possible that the potential protection a wrap offers can keep paintwork clean, fresh and scuff-free. Therefore vinyl wrapping can increase the second-hand value when the wrap is removed.

LGV wrapping is not just cheaper than painting, but it is also more durable. Vinyl wrapping your vehicle costs a fraction of what it would be to have an entire paint job completed.

Vehicle vinyl wraps are not permanent modifications and can be removed. When using a quality provider like Brandfixx, using quality materials makes the removal process straightforward. The key to removing the vinyl wrap is applying heat and slowly pulling back at a 45-degree angle.

Yes, you should inform your insurance company if you get or intend to get your vehicle wrapped. This is because some insurance companies classify a wrap as a modification to the car. However, this is not always the case, so it is essential to check with them.

You can wash a vehicle wrap or take vinyl wraps through a car wash with a touchless system. However, brush car washing can damage the graphic on your vehicle, such as dulling it, scratching and lifting the edges of the vinyl. You can also opt for pressure washing your car. However, as always, there are certain products you should avoid to prolong the life and quality of your vinyl wrap. 


Talk to us about your next project

Better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable

We believe that businesses of all sizes should have access to exceptional commercial vehicle wraps. The Brandfixx method enables this by cutting both timeframe and cost, allowing you to brand up as many cars as you wish without breaking the bank or having vehicles off the road for lengthy periods. We can install car decals in hours instead of days and remove the quality and consistency issues of traditional custom van wraps in the process.

Our services are ideal for a range of commercial uses and advertisement purposes, from company car fleets and taxis to delivery or recovery vehicles. Speak to our team at Brandfixx today for more information about our custom business car decals and other vehicle branding options. Contact us now.



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