Should I modular wrap my vehicle?

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With developing technologies in the industry making vinyl products more approachable for businesses and personal use, we look at the different aspects of vinyl wrapping and modular wrapping for a vehicle. Many still argue that complete vinyl wrapping is the only proper way to get a quality finish on a commercial vehicle and that modular wrapping is ugly or cannot be trusted. However, with new materials, such as Brandfixx products, wrapping is becoming much more feasible, attractive and affordable.


Should I vinyl wrap or modular wrap my vehicle?

Modular wrapping has been a recommended method for cost-effective vinyl application for a few years now. Still, the technology has only recently developed enough to provide a high-quality product equal to complete body wrapping. Furthermore, when you use modular wraps, you are only paying for the vinyl you need to cover the area you want – which is beneficial in the event of a scrape, and you only want to replace the panel on a single car door. However, if you opt to wrap your vehicle, not only could you be without it for several days to weeks, but you must also get the entire wrap replaced, which is costly in labour and resources, from design and planning to application.

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Is it easier to fully wrap my vehicle or use modular wraps?

If you are interested in getting your vehicle wrapped, then you will know that the process can take a few days to do right. This lengthy process is due to the labour involved or the waiting list involved at your specific garage or application centre. Vinyl wrapping is now a highly sought-after service, with those trained in the application in high demand. Due to this increased popularity, waiting times for a vinyl wrapping service can be lengthy, and as demand increases, this is only predicted to lengthen. In contrast, modular wrapping can be done quicker and makes the vinyl more accessible to a larger audience with different levels of skill sets. Whilst panelling kits exist and are great for hobbyists and confident DIYers, consider a professional. Brandfixx delivers a high-quality, professional application process for commercial vehicles and fleets, meaning you don’t need to worry about applying vinyl panels yourself, especially for your commercial business fleet. Our team is trained in many application methods, so we can provide a faster service than if you do it yourself. Still, we appreciate the freedom that applying panels yourself can offer.

What makes modular wrapping application faster and easier is that you do not need to apply vinyl to the whole vehicle in one go. Instead, it is broken down into modular sections of the vehicle, fitting perfectly with the lines and measurements of your car. If you opt for a vinyl wrap, your design must be planned out differently and applied to the vehicle in one long, complicated process

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Should I use vinyl on my vehicle?

Commercial vehicles can benefit from having a vinyl covering for more than just advertising their business. Yes, a printed vinyl gives great advertising opportunities whilst on the road and helps cement your brand image, but it can also prolong the condition and value of your vehicle. When commercial vehicles are used so frequently on the road, you want to ensure they are kept in good shape for as long as possible and retain their value against everyday wear and tear – which is where vinyl comes in.
The vinyl application provides another layer of protection to your paint job on your vehicle, reducing the wear and tear of grit or gravel hitting your car significantly. In addition, when you opt for the modular option for your vinyl covering, you can make considerable savings on replacing your vinyl when it becomes too beat up. The savings come from only needing to replace the damaged parts of specific areas and not needing to redo the entire vehicle wrap.


Have you decided which product you would opt for? Modular wrapping, the affordable, professional, flexible option for your vehicle, or the full vinyl wrap? It is more expensive and time-consuming, but it also delivers a high-quality product and application that wows other road users as you drive by. Brandfixx uses our proprietary products to offer the highest quality regardless of the method, ensuring you always get the best possible solution for your needs.


Our expert team are on hand to deliver the best advice for your needs. With many years of service behind us, we are fully qualified and experienced in providing insightful advice. To find out more about our fast, affordable and hassle-free wraps or modular wrapping services, get in touch on 01482 686010 or fill in our contact form.

Vinyl Wrapping: Is it good for your vehicle?

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As a commercial vehicle owner, it is evident you will want to put your branding across your vehicle, be it an independent service, and you want further marketing opportunities or branding your taxi or fleet. You may ask yourself, “should I vinyl wrap my car?”. Branding is best applied these days through the vinyl application; however, is vinyl any good for the quality of your vehicle long term? As vinyl wrapping has become more widely used, the skills of applicators have also increased. This has meant that high-quality vinyl application is made to almost any part of the vehicle. Each piece comes with its own set of questions. We look at your most asked questions about how vinyl affects your vehicle’s surface finish and quality and answer your queries using our expert and professional knowledge.


Does Vinyl Wrap Scratch Easily?

Vinyl wrap in its final form is a durable and flexible material that protects the original surface of your vehicle. A commercial vehicle with no protective coating is prone to scratches, lowering its values even faster than the dynamic nature of commercial vehicle use. Applying a protective layer like vinyl will ensure your vehicle has a primary defence against scratches, abrasions and daily wear and tear. Sure, investing in a vehicle wrap will improve your vehicle’s longevity and curb appeal, but does the vinyl itself last long enough to be worth it? Absolutely. Vinyl wraps are more durable than car paint, and proper installation can even prolong the vehicle, making vinyl a worthy investment.

As vinyl for taxis has a lot of use, it is durable and resistant to everyday wear and tears. However, over the years, scratches can eventually build up and affect the overall appearance finish of vinyl covering. At this point, you can investigate having panels replaced – targeting only the worst affected area with our service, ensuring you do not need to replace the entire vinyl wrap in one sitting if it is unnecessary.

Vinyl vehicle wrapping doesn’t have a protective coating, but you can apply one. It can look like paint protection film or a ceramic coating. The protective paint film is the most popular way to protect your vinyl wrap. It is made from heavy-duty vinyl to help deter further abrasions, contaminants and UV damage. Did you know that some vinyl has “healing” properties? With the sun’s heat or through a heat gun, some vinyl can fix minor scratches thanks to being heat resistant and providing protection from further UV damage. The ceramic alternative comes as a liquid and dries solid, much like glass. This sturdy shield will help prevent scratches and keep water away from the wrap.

There are multiple ways to protect your vinyl wrap and get as much life out of it as possible. After that, it is just down to your personal preference on the manner you use. But overall, vinyl has been proven to be a scratch-resistant, and beneficial material t apply to your commercial vehicles.


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Does Vinyl Wrap protect from Rust?

There are many ways to protect your vehicle from rust, such as frequent washing, waxing and even vinyl wrapping. The washing protects your vehicle from rock salt erosion which can directly lead to rust, whilst waxing can provide a thin layer of protection against minor scratches and allows water to move quicker from the vehicle. Unfortunately, as you cannot wrap the underside of the car, this leaves it open to the elements and makes it more prone to rust. You should not cover an already rusted vehicle, despite wanting to hide a blemish as quickly as possible. Instead, you must address the rusting problem from its source to prevent it from worsening. Only when the issue has been repaired should you wrap your vehicle. Covering over a rusted area will only make the matter dramatically worse.

In short, wrapping your vehicle will not stop rust. Wrapping protects your vehicle from chips and abrasions, with waterproofing elements on the vehicle’s surface. However, rust forms from moisture, mud and water collecting under the frame, the backs and inside the body panels where washing and waxing cannot reach. It may help protect where the vinyl is applied, but you cannot safeguard where the vinyl does not go.


How long does Vinyl Wrap last?

Car wraps have an average lifespan of approximately five years. However, our products have been proven to surpass seven years with proper care and attention. This is thanks to our unique modular system for the application, meaning the vinyl is less prone to ripping, scuffs and breakages. This method not only increases the lifespan of your wrap but also makes replacements much more manageable, cheaper and makes much more sense! You no longer need to replace the entire wrap for an isolated scuff. You can now replace the panel in question in a matter of hours. You can also prolong the lifespan of your vehicle wrap by being aware of factors such as washing, climate and sun exposure. These factors, such as permanent exposure to the sun and elements, can bleach your wrap and reduce its lifespan to two years. When cleaning your vinyl-wrapped vehicle, use a soft cloth and avoid strong solvents or automated brushes. These can dull the vinyl and lift loose edges. If you are investigating getting a wrap for your commercial taxi or fleet, ensure you know the products you can and cannot use on vinyl material. Teflon, silicone-based products and wiping spills as soon as possible are an easy but sure-fire way to provide extra protection.


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We have covered three big questions about vinyl wrapping your commercial vehicle and how to care for it. With us, you can establish that your vinyl-wrapped taxi will last up to seven years with proper care and attention, proving the return on investment for choosing a higher-quality vinyl application service. In addition, the Brandfixx materials are the best in the industry, making them less susceptible to abrasions and scratching, ultimately providing a more prolonged duty of service. We have also warned you about the dangers of rust and vinyl application.


We have revolutionised the industry with our unique approach to vehicle branding using vinyl. Our specialist technology uses 3D scanning of any sized vehicle to ensure a precise fit and a higher quality overall product. So if you are interested in getting the highest quality vinyl wrapping for your commercial fleet or vehicle, contact us today for a quote or advice. We offer a high-quality car wrapping service in Hull that protects your vehicle and provides a great marketing message for your brand. So please schedule an appointment today and see how we can represent your brand and improve your fleets’ lives.

Custom Wraps for Plant Machinery

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We don’t just brand up cars, vans, taxis and HGV/LGV vehicles, as we’re also available to design, print and install a wide variety of custom wraps for Volvo, Hitachi and Komatsu plant machinery. If you’re fed up with paint jobs not lasting anywhere near as long as you’d like them to, it’s time to take a look at the many benefits offered by Brandfixx.


Fast and affordable plant machinery wraps

The beauty of Brandfixx machine wraps is that they’re designed, printed and installed as individual panels. Rather than one large wrap that’s stretched across the machine, which can often lead to inconsistencies and thinner sections, your Brandfixx kit is applied as multiple panels that fit together perfectly to create a seamless result. This is much faster and more affordable than traditional wraps, making Brandfixx kits a sound investment for warehouses, factories and industrial units across the UK.


Colour coordinate your production floors

The branding of plant machinery has many purposes. The most obvious is to make machinery look the part and represent the high standards of your business, as a tatty and tired appearance can really spoil the effect of an otherwise sleek and professional work environment. This also helps your commercial photography to stand out from the crowd and do its job via your website, social media channels and printed materials.

However, the branding of plant machinery has another purpose that’s far more functional, as colour coordination can greatly aid workflow, efficiency and health and safety. By switching to Brandfixx wraps, all of your plant machinery will look its best whilst helping workers to get more done in less time through clear colour coordination. This is also a great way to help new employees to familiarise themselves with their work environment, hit the ground running and avoid accidents caused by unclear visual communication.


Brand up your commercial fleet

In addition to static plant machinery, we can also add your artwork to company cars, vans, LGV and HGV vehicles, enabling us to customise your entire fleet in no time at all. This ensures brand consistency and attention to detail across your workplace and whilst out on the road, which brings a strong return on investment.

We can create custom wraps for excavators, loaders, dumpers and all types of articulated machinery up to 95 tonnes, making Brandfixx your go-to supplier for high-quality and versatile fleet wraps.


Less waste means a more sustainable approach

Due to the Brandfixx method being in the form of modular kits, damage repair is a faster, cheaper and more sustainable process. If an area of a vehicle or piece of machinery is scratched or dented, we simply replace that panel of artwork rather than having to remove the wrap and make a new one. As well as the benefits listed above, this also means minimum waste, which makes Brandfixx a more environmentally friendly and sustainable provider of custom wraps.


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To find out more about our fast, affordable and hassle-free wraps, get in touch on 01482 686010 or fill in our contact form.

The Benefits of Brandfixx Vehicle Wraps

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We provide the highest quality of vehicle wraps that are precisely customised for your cars and vans. Thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D scanning system and modular kit approach to vehicle wrapping, we can install custom graphics in a fraction of the time and for a much lower price than traditional van wraps. Read on to discover why you should book your commercial vehicle wraps with Brandfixx today.


Vehicle wraps in a kit

Rather than printing your graphic onto one large piece of vinyl and stretching it over the vehicle, we’ve developed a clever alternative. First, we scan your car, van, taxi or haulage vehicle either on your premises or here at the Brandfixx site in Hull, which allows us to then produce a modular kit consisting of multiple panels. The panels are then attached to each corresponding section of the vehicle, resulting in a seamless piece of artwork. It’s fast, it’s effective and it looks absolutely fantastic!


Increase brand awareness

Custom vehicle wraps are a powerful way to get your brand quite literally out on the road. During the course of just one day, your branding can be seen by thousands of potential customers all around your hometown and much further afield if your drivers are out and about. It’s essentially like having a mobile billboard for the price of just one vehicle wrap, making it a cost-effective way to grab attention and encourage people to visit your website.


We can wrap all kinds of vehicles

From all makes of cars and vans to large LGV and HGV vehicles, we can create and install custom wraps in no time at all. We also work on any scale, so whether you want just the one company car branding up with high-quality decals or have an enormous fleet of haulage vehicles that deserve the Brandfixx treatment, simply get in touch and we’ll schedule them all in for a highly competitive price.


Optimised damage repair

Ready for an added bonus? Due to the graphic being applied to your vehicle as panels, it’s extremely easy to replace any areas that become damaged over time. For instance, a traditional van wrap would need to be reprinted and replaced in its entirety if just one area of the vehicle sustained something as commonplace as a scuff, dent or scratch. When you choose Brandfixx vehicle decals, we simply replace the panel that has seen better days, making damage repair quick and affordable.


Branding vehicles the sustainable way

Thanks to the replacement of individual panels being so easy, Brandfixx modular kits are also a far more sustainable approach to custom vehicle wraps. The amount of material that’s wasted when a damaged vehicle requires a new wrap can prove enormous if the whole thing needs replacing, whereas our system keeps wastage to an absolute minimum. The same applies if your website or contact details change, as we can just replace those panels with new artwork.


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To find out more about our fast, affordable and hassle-free vehicle wraps, get in touch on 01482 686010 or fill in our contact form.

Brandfixx: Fast, affordable, high-impact branding for any vehicle

It takes an F1 pit crew just a few seconds to get a vehicle back on the road…and we’re not far behind.

We’re the quickest fleet and vehicle rebranding team on the circuit, so why not take 2022 as your opportunity to upgrade your look without the time and cost implications that typically surround the process of traditional vehicle wrapping.

The ‘Brandfixxing’ process comes at a smaller cost to the environment, when compared to standard vehicle wraps, as there is no need for energy-sapping heat guns, while heating and lighting costs are far smaller given the time savings. We also use half the material of a traditional wrap due to our modular approach, resulting in far less waste.

Our product also offers impressive flexibility as our panel-by-panel, modular process allows for the replacement of individual decals should they become damaged. Equally, the time for a full vehicle rebrand is cut from days to hours meaning you could upgrade to reflective branding for the dark nights of winter or a topical look to fit around major events like Christmas – all without the impact on your wallet.

If you’re looking for a complete fleet overhaul or a plant machinery upgrade, our specialist, 3D scanning technology can scan any vehicle before our specialist team designs, manufactures and applies your dream look.

Brandfixx. The simple answer to vehicle branding.

Get in touch with the Brandfixx team today.

Brandfixx launch appeal to help local charity

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We are appealing for nominations to support a local charity in need.

Inspired by a wide range of amazing charities in Hull and the East Riding, we are pledging to design, manufacture and apply new branding to their vehicle so they can spread their message whilst they’re out on the road.

One lucky cause will be selected by our team from nominations sent in by the public via our Instagram page here.

Compared to traditional vehicle wraps, Brandfixx kits offer significant time-saving benefits which will mean the charity will be off the road for a far shorter time than if the vehicle had undergone a traditional wrap.

Brandfixx exists to solve problems and help people so it only makes sense that we reach out to some of our amazing local charities to do the same for them.

Since we launched Brandfixx, we have been lucky enough to support a range of businesses with our innovative approach to kitting out vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our journey has also seen us help a number of charitable causes, which includes kitting out new vans for Emmaus and rebranding critical care vehicles for Smart Metering Services.

Inspired by a range of heart-warming stories shared on International Day of Charity last weekend, we want to do our bit to support another cause in our part of the world, using our technology to help them raise awareness and funds.

The only criteria to consider when making your nomination is that the charity is based in Hull or the East Riding and that it has a van or truck we can apply a logo or bespoke design onto.

Anyone who would like to nominate a worthy cause can do so by visiting the Brandfixx Instagram page here and commenting with the name of their chosen charity.

Nominations close on 12pm on Friday 17th September.

Brandfixx team up with British Superbike star

bjorn sponsorship

One of the UK’s top motorbike riders will proudly carry our name when competing in the UK’s top superbike series.

Bjorn Estment’s helmet will carry our logo as he races against some of motorcycling’s biggest names in the 2021 Bennetts British Superbike Championship.

The Brandfixx brand will be caught on cameras around the country as the South African rider, who is one of the hottest talents in the sport, competes in his second season.

After the team branded Bjorn’s van in his customary racing colours, we have now signed our first sponsorship deal with him, which will see the logo applied to his helmet and racing suit, as well as to his truck and garage – meaning Brandfixx will always be part of the action.

Commenting on the deal and what it means to a part of Bjorn’s journey, our MD Greg Saunderson said: “The journey we have been on in the short time since we launched has been incredible. Having Bjorn onboard shows we really mean business.

“Having the Brandfixx name on his gear means exposure in British superbike’s premier event, which is great for us but is equally exciting to be able to support such a talented rider.”

Meanwhile, Bjorn, who is now in training for his second season racing in the championship said: “Everyone who sees the van is amazed and wants to see more of what Brandfixx can do. I can’t wait to start racing, proudly representing my team and my new, extended crew featuring David, Greg and the brilliant Brandfixx brand.

“I now really look the part and I’ve had several people asking me how they can get their vehicles fitted out in a similar way.

“Ever since I first met the team, I was hooked on their designs and their ethos, which has led to us building a really special working relationship. Having them now officially onboard is a real show of faith in me for the upcoming 2021 season.

“Being on the British Superbike Championship grid is a tremendous privilege and I’m hoping to kick on and cement my place as a constant threat to the front runners in BSB. I also hope to receive further call ups for the Endurance World Championship events, meaning this is just the start of what is already an exciting partnership.”

You can follow Bjorn as he prepares to hit the tarmac for the 2021 season here, on his Instagram account.

Fleet Graphics & Branding


Fleet Branding & Graphics

Fleet graphics are an essential part of any organisation’s branding, no matter how big or small your fleet may be. Designing your vehicles with visuals that indicate that they belong to your company can be of untold benefit, as your vehicle then acts as a moving advertisement, everywhere it goes.

With many years of experience, our professional team are able to transform your fleet into something you love and something you can be proud of. Vehicle wraps are the perfect way to tell your story, and show your company credentials. Whether you are looking for branding of a small fleet, or multiple fleets across the country, we have the expertise and the tools you need to get your fleet branding right.

We can fully rebrand for your vehicles or continue your existing image, using high quality vehicle graphics that are durable and UV resistant – vehicle branding can typically last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. This ensures our vehicle wraps generate a high in return on investment and are a cost-effective way to keep your branding consistent and memorable.

Help your business SUCCEED!

Organisations that make this investment are often those that succeed. Fleets of vehicles with strong company branding are recognisable, and attract customers merely by being on the road. Our design process includes is client focussed from start to finish, meaning that your ideas will be brought to life with a little help from our team of course.

Is your company vehicle-centric?

Do you want to brand your fleet or change things up from a previous look? Vehicle Livery Solutions can help you design and install fresh new graphics for your fleet, no matter what you have in mind.

Our expert team are dedicated and passionate about the work that we do, so if you think that Vehicle Livery is something you would like to invest in, please give us a call.





EV Chargers – revved up & ready to roll…

Here at Vehicle Livery Solutions, we love working with the latest innovations in vehicle livery and signage – and nothing excited us more lately than working with reflective vinyl materials to make sure our clients vehicles really pop when seen on the road.

By day your vehicles should be noticeable and help communicate your message – but by night, often that message can become lost as the sun goes down and darkness sets in the sky.

WAAAAIIITT a minute….

VLS have the answer – REFLECTIVE GRAPHICS!

One of the things we love about what we do is hearing from clients just how much business their vehicles help them win. Turning up to a business premises with what can be described as an advertising billboard is a great thing, you get noticed, create a good impression, and really can look the part. And as your vehicle moves around the area, going from A to B to C and so on it is a great way to get your message out there to new markets and potential customers too.

Maximising eyeballs…

So what if you could make sure your advertising travels with you and stands out at night too? well now you can, this is exactly what we did for EV Chargers.


Business Vehicle Signage Solutions…

Established for over 10 years, VLS provide a one-stop-shop for all forms of business vehicle signage, from standard vehicle livery – right through to eye catching reflectives – rest assured we have you covered.

We also supply reflective graphics to Police, Ambulance, Fire and other emergency services. Our Chapter 8 department have a huge selection of Chevrons – check them out here. CHAPTER 8

We’re growing – 2021 is set for a record year


Going from strength to strength…

Vehicle Livery Solutions are one of the UK’s largest and most successful vehicle graphics companies who specialise in the supply and application of vehicle graphics to both fleet and commercial vehicles as well as many of the UK’s police, fire, ambulance and other emergency service sectors.

Recent growth has enabled us to invest heavily in some of the very best vehicle graphics equipment available which allows us to deliver exceptional results time after time meaning resulting in continued repeat business and substantial organic growth.

With an emphasis on quality vehicle graphics solutions & Chapter 8 graphics across a wide range of sectors, excellent customer service, and a dedicated team driving the business forward – 2021 and beyond is set to be yet another record year for the business.

Business Vehicle Signage Solutions…

Established for over 10 years, VLS provides a one-stop-shop for all forms of business vehicle signage, and can even provide interior and exterior large format printed signs, displays, vehicle graphics, banners and much much more.

Cutting Edge Facilities…

Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped with the best in design, print and cut technology from industry leading brands. We’re ideally located in the heart of the UK with excellent transport links to the rest of the country, and so are able to advise businesses with large fleets on how to get the very best product and service without compromise.