Custom Wraps for Plant Machinery

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We don’t just brand up cars, vans, taxis and HGV/LGV vehicles, as we’re also available to design, print and install a wide variety of custom wraps for Volvo, Hitachi and Komatsu plant machinery. If you’re fed up with paint jobs not lasting anywhere near as long as you’d like them to, it’s time to take a look at the many benefits offered by Brandfixx.


Fast and affordable plant machinery wraps

The beauty of Brandfixx machine wraps is that they’re designed, printed and installed as individual panels. Rather than one large wrap that’s stretched across the machine, which can often lead to inconsistencies and thinner sections, your Brandfixx kit is applied as multiple panels that fit together perfectly to create a seamless result. This is much faster and more affordable than traditional wraps, making Brandfixx kits a sound investment for warehouses, factories and industrial units across the UK.


Colour coordinate your production floors

The branding of plant machinery has many purposes. The most obvious is to make machinery look the part and represent the high standards of your business, as a tatty and tired appearance can really spoil the effect of an otherwise sleek and professional work environment. This also helps your commercial photography to stand out from the crowd and do its job via your website, social media channels and printed materials.

However, the branding of plant machinery has another purpose that’s far more functional, as colour coordination can greatly aid workflow, efficiency and health and safety. By switching to Brandfixx wraps, all of your plant machinery will look its best whilst helping workers to get more done in less time through clear colour coordination. This is also a great way to help new employees to familiarise themselves with their work environment, hit the ground running and avoid accidents caused by unclear visual communication.


Brand up your commercial fleet

In addition to static plant machinery, we can also add your artwork to company cars, vans, LGV and HGV vehicles, enabling us to customise your entire fleet in no time at all. This ensures brand consistency and attention to detail across your workplace and whilst out on the road, which brings a strong return on investment.

We can create custom wraps for excavators, loaders, dumpers and all types of articulated machinery up to 95 tonnes, making Brandfixx your go-to supplier for high-quality and versatile fleet wraps.


Less waste means a more sustainable approach

Due to the Brandfixx method being in the form of modular kits, damage repair is a faster, cheaper and more sustainable process. If an area of a vehicle or piece of machinery is scratched or dented, we simply replace that panel of artwork rather than having to remove the wrap and make a new one. As well as the benefits listed above, this also means minimum waste, which makes Brandfixx a more environmentally friendly and sustainable provider of custom wraps.


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