Plant Machinery Modular Wraps

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A better way to brand vehicles

Simply apply panels to vehicle, no bubbles, no nonsense

Transformed in hours, not days

Save a huge amount compared to a standard vinyl wrap.

Enabling brands to be seen

Simply apply panels to vehicle, no bubbles, no nonsense

Lower costs – to you and the planet

Swap out marketing messages for your vehicles. no problem!

We were very impressed with the technology that Brandfixx offered. Our customers have embraced the technology and 99% of all chevrons we now do are Micro Prismatic, we can also have anything up to 6 machines a day done. We have a great relationship with Brandfixx who totally support our business and requires Thanks, Garry"

Garry Wilcock

SMT - Volvo PLant Machinery

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Cost-effective plant machinery wraps

If you’re still using paint to brand up and colour coordinate your plant machinery, it’s time to switch to Brandfixx. Plant machinery wraps are a significantly faster and more cost-effective alternative to paint, plus they last much longer whilst looking far more striking and professional. 

The Brandfixx method involves a modular kit, with individual decals created for each panel of the machine or vehicle. This not only makes the installation process faster but also means that if an area of the machine becomes damaged, we simply replace the affected vinyl panel rather than the entire graphic. 

This method of designing, manufacturing and installing plant machinery graphics saves your business time and money. In addition, the system is significantly more sustainable because wasted vinyl product is kept to an absolute minimum, allowing you to choose an environmentally friendly approach to plant machinery decals. 


Our process

Got a project? Lets talk!

Contact us to discuss your needs and our helpful team will gather all the information they need to give you an accurate quote and timeframe.

Visuals & print samples

Whether you already have a design, just a logo, or nothing at all, our design team will happily assist in making your livery perfect for your needs.

Application & Aftercare

One production is complete we can behind applications. Vehicles can be delivered to us, or our dedicated fitting team can travel to you.

Creative design for your fleet

The Brandfixx team are experts in brand communication. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body there’s no need to panic, our vehicle graphics design experts can come up with bespoke van designs for you taking the headache away and giving you the perfect van branding solution.

It all starts with an initial design consultation either in person or via an online meetup.  At that meeting our aim is to gather all the information required that will help get you maximum street cred!

Frequently asked questions

Vehicle wrapping is covering a vehicle with a vinyl wrap that has been printed with a specific design, usually branding. At Brandfixx, we use a modular vinyl kit to apply each panel to dedicated areas. A modular application allows for cheaper, faster, easier, and more robust vinyl and reduces issues later down the line.

Vehicle wrapping is not just cheaper than painting, but it is also more durable. Vinyl wrapping your vehicle costs a fraction of what it would be to have an entire paint job completed.

A vehicle wrap can last between three to five years, but proper care has surpassed seven years. In addition, our wraps use a modular system which means they are less prone to scuffs and breakages. They can be replaced easier without needing to change the whole wrap. These benefits help significantly lengthen the lifespan of your wrap.

It would be best if you always got a professional to install your commercial fleet wrap. When done correctly, the wrapping should not damage the paint underneath even when removed. Therefore, the resale value of the vehicle shouldn’t be affected.

When done correctly, vehicle wrapping should not damage the paintwork underneath. It is possible that the potential protection a wrap offers can keep paintwork clean, fresh and scuff-free. Therefore vinyl wrapping can increase the second-hand value when the wrap is removed.

Vehicle vinyl wraps are not permanent modifications and can be removed. When using a quality provider like Brandfixx, using quality materials makes the removal process straightforward. The key to removing the vinyl wrap is applying heat and slowly pulling back at a 45-degree angle.

Yes, you should inform your insurance company if you get or intend to get your vehicle wrapped. This is because some insurance companies classify a wrap as a modification to the car. However, this is not always the case, so it is essential to check with them.

You can wash a vehicle wrap or take vinyl wraps through a car wash with a touchless system. However, brush car washing can damage the graphic on your vehicle, such as dulling it, scratching and lifting the edges of the vinyl. You can also opt for pressure washing your car. However, as always, there are certain products you should avoid to prolong the life and quality of your vinyl wrap. 


Talk to us about your next project

Versatile vehicle branding and plant machinery signage

We can brand all types of static plant machinery as well as LGV and HGV vehicles. From machines manufactured by Volvo, Hitachi and Komatsu to your entire commercial vehicle fleet, our vehicle branding and plant machinery graphics solution comes in the form of a bespoke modular kit, ensuring absolute quality and attention to detail across your sites.

The plant machinery decal experts at Brandfixx regularly brand up excavators, loaders, dumpers and all manner of articulated machinery up to 95 tonnes, giving you the peace of mind that no equipment is too large or small for our plant machinery wraps. Using blue light laser technology delivered through handheld scanners, we can measure each section of your plant machinery and commercial vehicles, manufacture bespoke decals, and kit out even the largest machine in hours rather than days. 

Aside from saving you time and money, Brandfixx is a sustainable solution to plant machinery wraps and vehicle branding, which will play an active role in helping you to achieve your ambitious environmental targets. If you’d like to explore our incredibly adaptable and fully bespoke plant machinery graphics service, get in touch with our team today.


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