Should I modular wrap my vehicle?

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With developing technologies in the industry making vinyl products more approachable for businesses and personal use, we look at the different aspects of vinyl wrapping and modular wrapping for a vehicle. Many still argue that complete vinyl wrapping is the only proper way to get a quality finish on a commercial vehicle and that modular wrapping is ugly or cannot be trusted. However, with new materials, such as Brandfixx products, wrapping is becoming much more feasible, attractive and affordable.


Should I vinyl wrap or modular wrap my vehicle?

Modular wrapping has been a recommended method for cost-effective vinyl application for a few years now. Still, the technology has only recently developed enough to provide a high-quality product equal to complete body wrapping. Furthermore, when you use modular wraps, you are only paying for the vinyl you need to cover the area you want – which is beneficial in the event of a scrape, and you only want to replace the panel on a single car door. However, if you opt to wrap your vehicle, not only could you be without it for several days to weeks, but you must also get the entire wrap replaced, which is costly in labour and resources, from design and planning to application.

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Is it easier to fully wrap my vehicle or use modular wraps?

If you are interested in getting your vehicle wrapped, then you will know that the process can take a few days to do right. This lengthy process is due to the labour involved or the waiting list involved at your specific garage or application centre. Vinyl wrapping is now a highly sought-after service, with those trained in the application in high demand. Due to this increased popularity, waiting times for a vinyl wrapping service can be lengthy, and as demand increases, this is only predicted to lengthen. In contrast, modular wrapping can be done quicker and makes the vinyl more accessible to a larger audience with different levels of skill sets. Whilst panelling kits exist and are great for hobbyists and confident DIYers, consider a professional. Brandfixx delivers a high-quality, professional application process for commercial vehicles and fleets, meaning you don’t need to worry about applying vinyl panels yourself, especially for your commercial business fleet. Our team is trained in many application methods, so we can provide a faster service than if you do it yourself. Still, we appreciate the freedom that applying panels yourself can offer.

What makes modular wrapping application faster and easier is that you do not need to apply vinyl to the whole vehicle in one go. Instead, it is broken down into modular sections of the vehicle, fitting perfectly with the lines and measurements of your car. If you opt for a vinyl wrap, your design must be planned out differently and applied to the vehicle in one long, complicated process

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Should I use vinyl on my vehicle?

Commercial vehicles can benefit from having a vinyl covering for more than just advertising their business. Yes, a printed vinyl gives great advertising opportunities whilst on the road and helps cement your brand image, but it can also prolong the condition and value of your vehicle. When commercial vehicles are used so frequently on the road, you want to ensure they are kept in good shape for as long as possible and retain their value against everyday wear and tear – which is where vinyl comes in.
The vinyl application provides another layer of protection to your paint job on your vehicle, reducing the wear and tear of grit or gravel hitting your car significantly. In addition, when you opt for the modular option for your vinyl covering, you can make considerable savings on replacing your vinyl when it becomes too beat up. The savings come from only needing to replace the damaged parts of specific areas and not needing to redo the entire vehicle wrap.


Have you decided which product you would opt for? Modular wrapping, the affordable, professional, flexible option for your vehicle, or the full vinyl wrap? It is more expensive and time-consuming, but it also delivers a high-quality product and application that wows other road users as you drive by. Brandfixx uses our proprietary products to offer the highest quality regardless of the method, ensuring you always get the best possible solution for your needs.


Our expert team are on hand to deliver the best advice for your needs. With many years of service behind us, we are fully qualified and experienced in providing insightful advice. To find out more about our fast, affordable and hassle-free wraps or modular wrapping services, get in touch on 01482 686010 or fill in our contact form.

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