Vinyl Wrapping: Is it good for your vehicle?

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As a commercial vehicle owner, it is evident you will want to put your branding across your vehicle, be it an independent service, and you want further marketing opportunities or branding your taxi or fleet. You may ask yourself, “should I vinyl wrap my car?”. Branding is best applied these days through the vinyl application; however, is vinyl any good for the quality of your vehicle long term? As vinyl wrapping has become more widely used, the skills of applicators have also increased. This has meant that high-quality vinyl application is made to almost any part of the vehicle. Each piece comes with its own set of questions. We look at your most asked questions about how vinyl affects your vehicle’s surface finish and quality and answer your queries using our expert and professional knowledge.


Does Vinyl Wrap Scratch Easily?

Vinyl wrap in its final form is a durable and flexible material that protects the original surface of your vehicle. A commercial vehicle with no protective coating is prone to scratches, lowering its values even faster than the dynamic nature of commercial vehicle use. Applying a protective layer like vinyl will ensure your vehicle has a primary defence against scratches, abrasions and daily wear and tear. Sure, investing in a vehicle wrap will improve your vehicle’s longevity and curb appeal, but does the vinyl itself last long enough to be worth it? Absolutely. Vinyl wraps are more durable than car paint, and proper installation can even prolong the vehicle, making vinyl a worthy investment.

As vinyl for taxis has a lot of use, it is durable and resistant to everyday wear and tears. However, over the years, scratches can eventually build up and affect the overall appearance finish of vinyl covering. At this point, you can investigate having panels replaced – targeting only the worst affected area with our service, ensuring you do not need to replace the entire vinyl wrap in one sitting if it is unnecessary.

Vinyl vehicle wrapping doesn’t have a protective coating, but you can apply one. It can look like paint protection film or a ceramic coating. The protective paint film is the most popular way to protect your vinyl wrap. It is made from heavy-duty vinyl to help deter further abrasions, contaminants and UV damage. Did you know that some vinyl has “healing” properties? With the sun’s heat or through a heat gun, some vinyl can fix minor scratches thanks to being heat resistant and providing protection from further UV damage. The ceramic alternative comes as a liquid and dries solid, much like glass. This sturdy shield will help prevent scratches and keep water away from the wrap.

There are multiple ways to protect your vinyl wrap and get as much life out of it as possible. After that, it is just down to your personal preference on the manner you use. But overall, vinyl has been proven to be a scratch-resistant, and beneficial material t apply to your commercial vehicles.


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Does Vinyl Wrap protect from Rust?

There are many ways to protect your vehicle from rust, such as frequent washing, waxing and even vinyl wrapping. The washing protects your vehicle from rock salt erosion which can directly lead to rust, whilst waxing can provide a thin layer of protection against minor scratches and allows water to move quicker from the vehicle. Unfortunately, as you cannot wrap the underside of the car, this leaves it open to the elements and makes it more prone to rust. You should not cover an already rusted vehicle, despite wanting to hide a blemish as quickly as possible. Instead, you must address the rusting problem from its source to prevent it from worsening. Only when the issue has been repaired should you wrap your vehicle. Covering over a rusted area will only make the matter dramatically worse.

In short, wrapping your vehicle will not stop rust. Wrapping protects your vehicle from chips and abrasions, with waterproofing elements on the vehicle’s surface. However, rust forms from moisture, mud and water collecting under the frame, the backs and inside the body panels where washing and waxing cannot reach. It may help protect where the vinyl is applied, but you cannot safeguard where the vinyl does not go.


How long does Vinyl Wrap last?

Car wraps have an average lifespan of approximately five years. However, our products have been proven to surpass seven years with proper care and attention. This is thanks to our unique modular system for the application, meaning the vinyl is less prone to ripping, scuffs and breakages. This method not only increases the lifespan of your wrap but also makes replacements much more manageable, cheaper and makes much more sense! You no longer need to replace the entire wrap for an isolated scuff. You can now replace the panel in question in a matter of hours. You can also prolong the lifespan of your vehicle wrap by being aware of factors such as washing, climate and sun exposure. These factors, such as permanent exposure to the sun and elements, can bleach your wrap and reduce its lifespan to two years. When cleaning your vinyl-wrapped vehicle, use a soft cloth and avoid strong solvents or automated brushes. These can dull the vinyl and lift loose edges. If you are investigating getting a wrap for your commercial taxi or fleet, ensure you know the products you can and cannot use on vinyl material. Teflon, silicone-based products and wiping spills as soon as possible are an easy but sure-fire way to provide extra protection.


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We have covered three big questions about vinyl wrapping your commercial vehicle and how to care for it. With us, you can establish that your vinyl-wrapped taxi will last up to seven years with proper care and attention, proving the return on investment for choosing a higher-quality vinyl application service. In addition, the Brandfixx materials are the best in the industry, making them less susceptible to abrasions and scratching, ultimately providing a more prolonged duty of service. We have also warned you about the dangers of rust and vinyl application.


We have revolutionised the industry with our unique approach to vehicle branding using vinyl. Our specialist technology uses 3D scanning of any sized vehicle to ensure a precise fit and a higher quality overall product. So if you are interested in getting the highest quality vinyl wrapping for your commercial fleet or vehicle, contact us today for a quote or advice. We offer a high-quality car wrapping service in Hull that protects your vehicle and provides a great marketing message for your brand. So please schedule an appointment today and see how we can represent your brand and improve your fleets’ lives.

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